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I started teaching yoga in 2001.  In fact, I was at a yoga teacher training on 9/11/2001.  It was a life altering event that made me sure that teaching yoga was the right thing to do.  I believe that one yoga pose at a time we can find this world in a more peaceful and loving place.

I teach vinyasa flow yoga to adults, teens and kids in a playful and dedicated way using a blend of different styles influences by my teachers, Shiva Rea, Kausthub Desikkachar, and Larry White, who teaches Iyengar style.  I help my students discover the inner qualities of grace and strength by using breath and movement.  I have trained extensively at Omega Institute and Kripalu Yoga Center.

I live in northern Vermont where I love to spend time with my family, garden and make great vegetarian food.


warrior                 Testimonials

"My first ever experience with yoga was a few years ago with Jean Campbell. Her pace and ability to give direction to a physically coordinated challenged person is quite incredible. The benefits I get from participating in her yoga classes are both physical and mental in nature. Yoga impacts my mind in a peaceful yet focused way. Yoga also gives me the needed stretching that ends up having a lasting effect. I love the time spent on the focus of breath and pose. You do not have to think about anything else yet what you have to think about can feel immense. It feels good and positive that I have spent time on myself and that has a physical benefit. It lifts my spirit and I think about my breathing, my posture and opening my heart. I think the key for me to keeping a regular yoga practice is joining Jean’s class. The other area yoga helps me is something to look forward to during the day!"
Mame Grossman – MMUHS Special Educator, Jericho, VT

I love downhill skiing, water skiing, road and mountain biking.  Recently I went back to practicing yoga in a class setting with Jean Campbell.  Her classes are serious fun!  While the origins of yoga are spiritual, and its quiet, meditative aspects should be honored, Jean manages to be light about it as well, and so we also laugh in class.  I am 63 years old and my job requires me to make presentations and carry myself well in front of others.  Yoga keeps me moving with good posture and a positive attitude.  My mind feels more focused when my body feels strong, loose and alive from an hour of yoga.  What keeps me regular in my practice is how good I feel doing it, and knowing I will feel good for the rest of the day.  Most importantly for me, a consistent yoga practice has improved my performance in the sports I love.  This goal, this reward, is probably the strongest motivator for getting me out of bed so early to attend class with Jean.  I still enjoy keeping up with, or even leading, younger skiers on a powder day!
Randy Rowland - President - Teamworks, LLC  Shelburne, VT

Hey I really enjoyed doing yoga. Even though it was harder than I expected it to be, it was fun and I felt strengthened.
Emilie C. - 8th grader
I like yoga because if you are really stressed out then it calms you down.
Ben  - 5th Grader

"Yoga has been very helpful to me both physically and spiritually. I love the focus that it gives me first thing in the morning to block out all the daily crises and just focus on centering on myself. While this sounds selfish, it is not. It makes me a better person at home and at work as I am able to focus on the needs of my family and my business after I have centered myself early that morning. From the physical perspective, I have improved my flexibility and strength tremendously by performing yoga in Jean’s class over these many years. Thanks for keeping me on track at yoga!"
Keith Kasper - Lawyer at McCormick, Fitzpatrick, Kasper & Burchard, Burlington, VT

Client List

* Mount Mansfield Union High School Girls and Boys Cross County Team

* Mount Mansfield Girls and Boys Nordic Ski Team

* Mount Mansfield Union High School Wellness Day

* Mount Mansfield Union High School Student Yoga Classes

* MMU After Dark Community Classes

* Chittenden East Supervisory Union Schools Staff Yoga Class

* Camels Hump Middle School Girls Softball Team

* Camels Hump Middle School After School Programs

* Camels Hump Middle School 8th Grade Physical Education Classes

* Richmond Elementary School After School Programs

* Richmond Elementary School Wellness Day

* Williston Public Schools Staff Yoga Class

* Richmond Free Library Student Yoga Class

* Dorothy Alling Memorial Library Student Yoga Class

* Burnham Library Student Yoga Class

* Brownell Library Student Yoga Class

* The Edge, Williston VT Yoga Instructor