Dear Yoga Friends,

During 2020 - Stay Home, Stay Safe from Covid-19, I have felt more than ever that we need yoga to help us cope with these challenging times. I hold online classes each week and below you will find the recordings of those sessions for your viewing pleasure. These are free for you to enjoy.

Online classes are the only way I teach at this time. If you would like to attend the sessions live online Email Jean for an invite to one of the live weekly sessions.

If you feel inspired to donate to my effort of teaching and recording more of these sessions, you can do that here.

With Peace, Health and Love to You, Jean

Jean's Yoga for All - Cross the Bridge.mp4

October 20, 2020

Jean's Yoga for All - Connection with Inner Wisdom.mp4
Jean's Yoga for All - Eternity is at our hearts.mp4
Jean's Yoga for All - Creation.mp4

September 29, 2020

Jean's Yoga for All - Work for what you believe in.mp4

September 22, 2020

Jean's Yoga for All - Sanctuary.mp4

September 8, 2020

Jean's Yoga for All - Yin yoga and props.mp4

August 11, 2020